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 At El Principe Centre we specialise in teaching Spanish to English speakers. Although we encourage students to speak as much Spanish in class as possible, even from beginner level, our students know that they are free to ask questions in English and will get answers in English. We believe this works best for our students. 


Classes are informal and unintimidating, with explanations in English. The El Principe Centre method developed by over 16 years of teaching Spanish to Expats is designed to be as simplistic as possible. We take you back to basics, and teach you to construct sentences and conversations rather than repeat words and phrases parrot-fashion and be lost if the answer that comes back to you is not in your "script".



We will teach you not to be scared of grammar. It is impossible to learn Spanish without it, grammar is needed even to make the simplest sentence. Once explained to you in laypersons terms you will wonder what all the fuss was about. You will learn how to conjugate (do not be scared!), what a verb is (not a dirty word, honest!!) and we will teach you useful grammar needed for everyday conversations.



A large part of language learning is about confidence. Here at the Centre we will give you the confidence to go out there and practice your Spanish, and not be fazed if at first it seems that you are not understood. We will encourage you to stand your ground and repeat your sentence with confidence.



We will teach you about different dialects and accents, and what to expect from the area you live in. Classes are informal and unintimidating, and there is a social aspect to learning Spanish that is especially useful to ex-pats who can feel isolated in a foreign country having left their previous social structure behind. 


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"No day in which you learn something is a complete loss."                David Eddings


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