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 "Break The Language Barrier!!"

 Book and Audio Sets Levels 1 to 4

Levels 1 to 3 can be accompanied by audio MP3 to help with pronunciation and listening, and is full of tips and ideas to help with effective communication. It has been designed as a “learn at home course” to either complement classes, refresh current knowledge, or help those  who are too busy to attend classes or feel uncomfortable in a classroom environment.

All are backed up by YouTube tutorials.


LEVEL 1 will take you through the basics of learning Spanish from the alphabet and numbers, through to construction of sentences, questions and vocabulary building in the Present Tense. Easy to follow, all explanations are in English and the answer key is included so you can check your work. Online support is always available for queries or questions.

LEVEL 2 is the "Pain Barrier"! It will take you through reflexive verbs, past tenses, pesky personal pronouns- and bring you out safely on the other side!!

The method is identical, gradual grammar and vocabulary building
accompanied by conversation practice and optional audio to help with pronunciation practice.

will continue work with past tenses and personal pronouns and then introduce you to

speaking in the future, future conditional and the imperative mood.
It will also explain the mysteries of "por" and "para". It contains the same mixture of grammar building, translation and conversation practice and can be accompanied by audio MP3 for pronunciation practice.

takes you into the mysterious world of the sexy subjunctive and beyond, whilst at the same time
consolidating the previous three levels


MP3 Download for Levels 1, 2 or 3 - 10 EURO EACH
MP3 Download for Levels 1, 2 or 3

Dual Language English/Spanish books
Libros Bilingues inglés/español

- Princess Tia's Great Adventure/ La Gran Aventura de la Princesa Tia
- Duque The King & Silly Peter/ Duque el Rey y Peter el Tonto
- Rocky The Rebel/ Rocky el Rebelde


Available for 12.00 euro each - Includes FREE postage & packing


 Audio story/ Cuento Audio 10 euros- MP3

Stories/Cuentos Audio

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