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Why learn Spanish anyway...you may be thinking. We are of course very lucky that English is such a widely spoken language that you may feel other languages are unnecessary.


Here are a few reasons we feel may help to change your mind:

For work or business... Maybe you work in Spain or a Spanish speaking country or deal with Spanish clients in an English speaking country... Perhaps your clientele is English speaking but improving your Spanish language skills enables you to give them a better service or saves you money in interpreter and translation services For convenience... Perhaps you live in Spain or a Spanish speaking country or go on regular holidays there and it would just make life easier if you could make yourself understood or understand.  


Spanish is the fastest growing language in the USA, notorious for not valuing foreign languages. It has also grown in importance in Europe, now widely considered the foreign language of choice after English


 After English, Chinese and Hindustani Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, and arguably has more native speakers than English. It is the official language on four continents.


Learning a foreign language aids cultural understanding, particularly important if you live in Spain or a Spanish speaking country to aid integrationLearning Spanish will give a better understanding of English and its structure, and will pave the way for other languages and open your mind to a different way of thinking . It has also been proven that learning another language can ward off Alzhiemers disease.

Its easy... Honestly, believe it or not Spanish is recognised as one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Its grammatical structure,  phonetic pronunciation and plethora of vocabulary we can relate to in English make it if not easy, easier than most languages for an English speaking person to learn Last but not least...for pure pleasure. Learning Spanish should be fun and enjoyable. Don´t be scared of making mistakes as that is something to look back on and laugh....

  “Everything worthwhile, everything of any value, has a price... The price is effort...”















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