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...I came to your classes 3-times a week some 3 years ago when Taede and I were spending 2 winter months in Orihuela-Costa and I decided I wanted to learn to speak Spanish. Living there was most frustrating because in all the time I was there I did not meet one Spaniard--all were English, Dutch, German or French, even the shops were owned by foreigners.Your lessons were FANTASTIC!!! I was able to cover everything I needed to be able to speak. Even if there was never any opportunity to practice outside of class.I kept every handout you gave me and all the exercises I did. The year after we spent two months some 200 km away. There was no way I could come back to you for Spanish lessons. I had conversation with a young girl and at the end we were both terribly frustrated. She screamed: I am learning Italian while you are not learning one word of Spanish. I learned zilch that year. And now because of lockdown our 2 months in Spain have extended to 9. I am in Andalusia (even farther away from you) and found your notes to be WONDERFUL. But the problem is that they allow me to speak (when I make a point of learning the words which I started to write down while with you.) But I don't understand a word when my neighbours speak to us. They've given up having a conversation with me since I have no idea what they are saying.I'm stuck.And going in for all the administrative stuff is most frustrating when I can't understand what the authorities are saying. Very few people speak anything but Spanish here.But that is neither here nor there and nothing that you can do anything about. Why I am actually writing is that I missed your emails when lockdown came about and I thought how you would not be able to give lessons and I wanted to write to you and tell you how very valuable your lessons have been and please even if it is difficult for you to hang in there to please to do so. Because I have had many language lessons in my day but yours were EXTREMELY VALUABLE!!! And they are still valuable to me today.I was delighted when I got another email from El Principe knowing that you were back at work.Thanks, dear Vicki, for all of the wonderful things you have brought into my life.Take good care of yourself for your own sake and that of your future students! Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska Coordinator Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group

"...I am so happy that I was recommended El Principe Centre!  I really enjoy my lessons, I particularly love the fact that I can work at my own pace and there is no pressure. Vicki and her team are extremely helpful and friendly making you feel at ease from day 1. Also they are flexible if you give them notice which is really helpful. A big thank you to everyone!..." Julie Owen, San Miguel de Salinas

"...Learning Spanish at El Principe Centre, is fun, relaxed and informative. Vicki has a great and unique way of teaching a class of students at differing levels at the same time. We are slow learners and we learn at a pace that is comfortable for us, while others go at a faster pace that suits them. Would highly recommend Vicki and El Principe Centre if you want to learn Spanish..." Karen & Ian Sutcliffe, La Florida

"...I have been very pleased with the classes and have actually really enjoyed them..." Lynda Gibson, Playa Flamenca.

"...In just 3 months and one of them being in your class, I managed to pass both my exams, and quite well if I may add. So I wanted to thank you, because without your help, I would never have made it..." Ronny Andersen, Norway.

"...Fantastic school with excellent teachers, I just started 2 weeks and love love it  (even though you have to work hard) highly recommend it if you are interested in the language..." Nick Mooney, Los Balcones.

"...An excellent class... highly recommended!" Jane Cabezuelo, Callosa de Segura.

"You are flexible and it makes it so much easier as it's difficult when you have commitments..." Lynda Gibson, Playa Flamenca.
"...I didn´t want to learn Spanish parrot fashion. I wanted the blocks so I could build conversations and put the language together myself. El Principe Centre has given me this. Explanations are simple and easy to understand and I am now communicating effectively with the Spanish people...."
David Rae, Los Balcones.

"...Thanks for everything it was a really good course just like the first one. I hope to start back with you again in May.." Caroline Pitman, Bigastro.
 "...I really enjoyed the course that I did in September. I found it gave me much more confidence to talk to people I come into contact with, even on the telephone, which previously used to throw me into a complete panic...
Angela Fitzpatrick, Los Balcones.
"...Just a thank you for another enjoyable course. Looking forward to the next one.."Sue Gibson, El Presidente.
“…You asked in an earlier email if I was finding the E-course useful and my reply is yes, without reservation… “ Allan White, Bigastro  
"Many thanks for the modules which you have sent.  Even if I retain only a small percentage of what you have given me I will be pleased… 
David MacLachlan, Torrevieja.  

Hi Vicki… Firstly, Just like to say that I thought the Level 2 class was excellent!!!! And built nicely on top of Level 1. I certainly got a lot out of it, and enjoyed myself at the same time. I will definitely be doing Level 3 in the New Year. Thanks for your help...
Jim Hind, Cabo Roig.
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