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Level 1
Level 2
Level 4
Level 3
Conversation Practice - Summary of Level 2

Summary of Past Tenses

Mixed Tense Conversation Practice

Translation and Present and Past Tenses

Future - "Going To"

Future - "Will"

Future Tense in Context

Future Conditional

"SER and "ESTAR" - Future / Future Conditional

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Indirect Object Pronouns

"PARA" or "POR"? - Part I "Para"

"PARA"or "POR" - Part II "Por"

"PARA" or "POR"? - Comparison A

"PARA" or "POR" - Comparison B

"PARA" or "POR" - Comparison C

Translation English to Spanish Mixed Tenses

Verb Tables - Revision of Tenses

The Imperative or "Command" Mode I - "TU"

The Imperative "TU" - Irregular Verbs

The Imperative "TU" - Placement of Pronouns

The Imperative or "Command" Mode II - "Vosotros"

Practice The Imperative

Translation from English to Spanish Mixed Tenses

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