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Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Verbs in Context

Reflexive Verbs - Conversation Practice

The Present Perfect

The Present Perfect in Context

Direct Object pronouns

Direct Object Pronouns in Context

Conversation Practice Present Perfect

"SER" and "ESTAR" - The 2 Verbs "To Be"

Present Tense and Present Perfect

The Preterite/Past Simple Tense - Regular Verbs

Preterite Tense - Irregular Vebs

"SER" and "IR" - Preterite tense - The "F" Verb

Conversation Practice Preterite

The Preterite in Context

Comparison of "SER" and "ESTAR" - Preterite



The Imperfect Tense

The Imprefect Tense in Context

Imperfect Tense - Conversation Practice

Comparison of "SER" and "ESTAR" - Imperfect Tense

Comparison of Tenses

Verb Practice

Idiomatic Expressions

Translation from English to Spanish Mixed Tenses

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