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Masculine and feminine


Clothes and Prices

"SER" in context

Masculine and Feminine Adjectives-"SER"

"SER" in Context

"SER" Translation

"SER" Conversation Practice

"ESTAR" Present Tense

Masculine and Feminine Adjectives - "ESTAR"

"ESTAR" In Context

"ESTAR" Translation

"ESTAR" Conversation Practice

"SER" and "ESTAR" Conversation Practice

Describing People

"HAY" Present Tense

¿Que hora es? - What time is it?

Regular verbs - 1st Conjugation "AR Verbs"

"AR" Verbs in Context

Regular Verbs - 2nd Conjugation "ER Verbs"

"ER" Verbs in Context

Regular Verbs - 3rd Conjugation "IR Verbs"

Translation from English to Spanish - Regular Verbs

Adverbs of Frequency

Practice of Reguar Verbs

Dipthongs - Root or Stem Changing Verbs

Dipthongs - Practice in Context

The Verb "Tener" - To Have

Go-Go Verbs


IR - The Highly Irregular "IR" Verb

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