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Skype classes
Maybe you really want to learn Spanish or English but you live too far away from El Principe Centre to attend the classroom based courses. Or perhaps due to work or family comittments you just don´t have the time.

Quiza quieres aprender inglés pero no tienes tiempo..?
Ofrecemos clases en Skype.
20 euros por hora, puedes aprender de tu salón!!!
Cursos son de 10 clases, 200 euros en total.

Может быть, вы хотите , чтобы выучить английский язык , но у Вас нет времени ?
Мы предлагаем классы Skype.
18 евро в час .
Изучение английского языка с вашей гостиной.
Курсы состоят из 10 занятий , 180 евро в общей сложности.

We are now offering Skype classes for those in that situation. Competetively priced at 18 euros per hour, you can now learn Spanish online with all the benefits of the classroom without moving from your living room, at a time to suit you. Ask questions, practice pronuncation and conversation, on a course that is exclusively designed for your needs.
Courses consist of 10 one hour sessions and cost 200 euros.

For more details, email us directly on, or ring (00 34) 965999047/ (00 34) 696102874 .

To pay for a course already arranged, see the facilty below.

Please refer to Terms and conditions before booking.

HomeWhy learn Spanish?CoursesE-CoursesSkype classesBooks and CdsWorksheets
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